Officiellt uttalande om takraset i Strasbourg

Jag har nu fått det officiella uttalandet från Europaparlamentet via e-post. Orsaken är fortfarande oklar. Vad jag förstår ramlade taket ned över platserna där EPP sitter. Det finns förövrigt sex svenska EPP-ledamöter, fyra moderater och två kristdemokrater. Här är uttalandet:

Last Thursday evening, 7 August 2008, a part of the ceiling (less than 10 % of the total surface area of the ceiling) of the Hemicycle in Strasbourg collapsed causing serious material damage to the Hemicycle, with construction material falling down to the Hemicycle. Fortunately, the incident caused no human damage.

Following an immediate closure of the whole area surrounding the Hemicycle, the responsible services of Parliament’s administration, in close co-operation with the local authorities and a number of external experts, started an urgent evaluation of the situation.

I have instructed the services to take all necessary measures to make the Hemicycle ready and available for the session at the beginning of September, naturally under the absolute condition that the security and safety as well as the technical functioning of the whole Hemicycle can be guaranteed. The necessary repair works of the Hemicycle ceiling have already started.

At this stage, the reasons for the collapse are not yet known. An external study is currently being conducted with a view to establishing the cause of the incident.

 I shall keep you informed of all developments of this matter the earliest possible. As you can understand, the objective is to maintain the September I plenary session in Strasbourg as foreseen, of course under the strict condition that the security and safety and the technical functioning of the Hemicycle is assured.

Harald RØMER


Det vore en rejäl prestigeförlust om sessionen inte kan hållas i Strasbourg, räkna med att natt- och dag kommer att användas om så behövs…


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