EUbloggen Weekly

EUbloggen Weekly is a mobile video blogging attempt on summarizing the EU-week from a Swedish angle. It is made improvised, filming myself with an iPhone and edited in the mobile as well. If you like it, and I continue to think it is fun, I will do it once a week with headlines such as MEP of the WEEK, HELL of a WEEK, Happiest (Twitter) #EUpol and others yet to come.

Most of the written blogposts on EUbloggen is written in Swedish, but use Google Translate and you can get some out of it.

The first WEEKLY is about the prime minister Stefan Löfvens trouble in Swedish Parliament EU-delegation to get a mandate to the summit, the EFDD-group with the EUbloggen theory of why the group broke down in the first place and the Swedish MEP of the Week.