Federley vill bli ordförande för ALDE

Fredrick Federley Foto (C) European Unionen 2014 - EP

Fredrick Federley Foto (C) European Unionen 2014 – EP

Fredrick Federley kandiderar till posten som ledare för den europeiska partiorganisationen ALDE, enligt brev som EUbloggen tagit del av. Jag kommenterar det närmare på HelaHälsingland. Men brevet i sin helhet finns nedan.


Dear friends,

We’re bouncing back. Liberalism has taken a rough – and often unfair – beating across the continent during the crisis. But our perseverance, hard work and focus on real reform is starting to pay off. Now it’s time for a step-change. A new phase for the ALDE Party that calls for energy and conviction. That’s why I’m asking for your support at the ALDE Congress in Budapest to lead the party as president.

All of us enter politics because we want to change things for the better. Certainly that’s the case for us liberals. But looking around Europe today the sheer scale of that ambition is clear. Because this is a Europe that in so many ways are taking steps in the wrong direction – away from liberal values of freedom of speech, human rights and equality for everyone before the law.

Socialists and conservatives, politically bankrupt and stagnant, are drawn toward populists at the extreme ends of the political spectrum. Europe is becoming more closed up. Like an injured animal, frightened, angry and holed up in its den.

I’m proud that we European liberals stand for a different vision. Provokingly optimistic. Fiercely tolerant. Staunchly responsible.

We can provide the compass to get Europe back to saving lives rather than tearing families part. A Europe that creates new jobs rather than deficits. A Europe that preserves our environment rather than exploits it for short-term gains.  In short, we have to rejuvenate Europe and bring hope and prosperity to a continent that has a marvellous history but seems to have forgotten about the future.

Under Graham Watson’s leadership, we have seen the ALDE Party greatly consolidated, strengthened and expanded. We have the tool and the common platform.  We have the momentum. Now we need a step-change. With energy and conviction we can change Europe. And we will.

In the coming weeks I hope to meet many of you in person and I hope that you will give me your support in this new phase for the ALDE Party.

Kind regards,



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