AfD has done the impossible

This blog is usually not written in English, however this post is an exception.

ECR has today decided to admit AfD, the German Anti-Europarty, despite official Tory opposition.

According to a Reuters report the tally of the ballot was not released but sources, both to Reuter and to this blog states the the votes where 29 for and 26 against. Reuter also states that two members of Cameron´s Conservatives jumped rank and voted yes instead of no and therefor turned to vote from no to a yes.

However Tory was not the only ones voting officially no to AfD. The Polish PiS party also voted no. According to Polish sources Ryszard Legutko stated:

”The Polish delegation objected to the AFD, but we respect the democratic verdict of the majority”.

Tories has 19 MEP.

PiS has 19 MEP.

In my primary school math book that adds up to 38. So if PiS and Tories voted both against with full rank, the vote would have ended 38 – 17. With two Tories defecting it is still 36-19, quite far from 26-29. So who where the other ten that left their official position? Polish or British MEPs?.

Read more about the subject in Swedish.




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